Zoria Alpha 0.0.12a is RELEASED!

Zoria Alpha 0.0.12a is here! After an unexpectedly long wait time, I am proud to announce Zoria 0.0.12a is finally here and ready for release! It's a LARGE update, with the vast majority of improvements being engine stuff that, if I've done my job right, won't stick out that much.

Full changelog below:

+ Added a fullscreen option.
+ Added a new cursor option.
+ Added a new main menu background.
+ Added a new music track.
+ Added a quit button to the main menu.
+ Added charisma character stat.
+ Added missing "EAT" commands.
+ Added missing "GRAB" commands.
+ Added missing "LOOK AT" commands.
+ Added more developer commands for testing purposes.
+ Added more tips to assist the player.
+ Added multiple easter eggs.
+ Added saving of settings.
+ Added the "SONG" command.
+ Added tile 5, 2, 0.
* Disabled automatic pausing as it was unnecessary.
* Fixed a bug involving text at tile 4, 3, 0.
* Fixed a bug where the game was unable to read upper-case inputs.
* Fixed some exceptionally poor grammar during the character creation screens.
* Improved the GUI sprites.
* Improved the most of the game's text to be easier on the eyes.
* Internal changes to how text is handled after inputting it.
* Internal organization improvements.
* Major filesize optimizations.
* Major improvements to the music system.
* Minor performance improvements to the options menu.
* Overhauled the help text.
* Switched the default cursor.
* Text fixes and improvements. Yes, I know this is in every update.
* Updated the command list to improve legibility.


Zoria_Alpha_0.0.12a.zip 13 MB
Apr 17, 2018

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